Saturday, October 21, 2006

Help A Family In Need

Anna over at Rose by Any Other Name has a post up on how to help a family truly in need.

SC Eagle is one of those guys 'over there' and 'been there, done that' types defending the United States. Now his family is facing a battle no one is really prepared to handle but by divine providence and help from other people. How can one fight an unseen enemy that rapaciously devours that which sustains it, leaving nothing but desolation? That eactly is the enemy him, his wife, and children are facing as Ellicia fights cancer that has invaded her brain. As SC Eagle writes, there are good days and bad days for his wife but they continue to live life with their children.

Now someone else has stepped up to help these people ensure Ellicia has what she needs during this fight. Lt Col Robert 'Buzz' Patterson has put up for auction on eBay his books. 100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to helping SC Eagle's family.

Come on, lets all step forward and help out.


Anna said...

Thank you so much for linking! The word is being spread far and wide and it's wonderful!

SC Eagle said...

Thank you for the link and support!

Anna said...

Anna, you are most kind.

SC Eagle, no I should thank you.

With only 20 hours to go, the bid for the books is past $1500. There is still time to up the ante everyone!