Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Clinton/North Korea Legacy - YouTube

Well time to hop on ye olde bandwagon and keep this video in rotation. Thanks to Mike's America, Moonbattery, and LGF who who also have this linked. So here goes.


Anna said...

I love the scene of her mowing the lawn!

Mike's America said...

My favorite is when her dress splits as she's changing the flat tire.

This was a great ad. Too bad the GOP big shots are such fraidy cats.

Anna said...

It really did peg the failures of the Carter/Clinton appeasement of North Korea.

Sorry for lack of posting but working on post #500. Ye gads never thought I would blather this much. :)

Mike's America said...

#500? Wow! A great milestone.

I've lost count of mine. Probably for the best. I tried to do a wrap up at the beginning of the year on all the worthy posts from 2005 and it damned near killed me.

Keep up the good work Anna P.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Very funny video! Also funny that some Clintonista had it flagged as "inappropriate". A good sign of its effectiviness.