Friday, September 29, 2006

Sister Respect Yourself

I first heard the story about these Kentucky Guardsmen on Wednesday but it still rankles me.

While at Camp Shelby, MS and just before shipping out to Iraq some female soldiers, allegedly of a Kentucky National Guard quartermaster unit, posed either nude or semi-nude with M-16s and other military gear.

If they are found to have posed for these 232 pictures, then they need to be punished under the UCMJ. As for the severity of the punishment, that is in the hands of the military. Not the court of public opinion.

I really like this bit of mental gymnastics used to try and excuse these alleged actions.

Women's rights activists, including Marsha Weinstein, former executive director of the Kentucky Commission on Women, said that if the allegations are proved, it would be hypocritical to punish women involved when there is a "long history of male soldiers posting pin-ups in their lockers" and of the U.S. military flying in female sex symbols to entertain mostly male troops.

Since men put pin-ups of Betty Grable or Jean Harlowe in their barracks or on the side of their B-29, it is okay for women soldiers to pose nude or semi-nude. Right. The correct analogy would be for the men to strip down, ala Chippendales, while posing with their M-16s. Marsha Weinstein needs a remedial course in logic because her logic is tied up in knots.

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