Thursday, September 28, 2006

Say Hey Hey NY Times Has Gotta Go

Now that President Bush has authorized the limited declassification of the April NIE document, there are some unpalatable things to ponder. Namely where did the selective editing happen to get these headline grabbing quotes?

If the New York Times’ source edited the information before leaking it, then the New York Times owes the leaker no anonymity because they deliberately lied to the newspaper.

Since we have not heard the New York Times or the other media outlets ratting out the leaker, that leaves only one conclusion. They, the media, are accomplices to manufacturing news to suit their agendas. They are no longer journalists but PR-flacks and should be treated as such.


Anna said...

Isn't it incredible the number of "leaks" there have been in the last couple of years?

Anna said...

And the only leak the New York Times wanted investigated was who outed Valerie What's Her Name Stupor Agent.

Mike's America said...

The way Bush handled this was masterful. Let some big storm brew over the selective leak, then release the Key Judgements and let people learn how badly they were manipulated by the Times, et. al.

At some point even those who don't pay much attention to politics are going to get the message that the libs are totally whacked and can't be trusted.

P.S. Having a bumper sticker contest... got any ideas?