Thursday, September 28, 2006

Citgo Go-Go

Reading in various blogs that 7/11 Corporation is dropping Citgo fuel. Pretty soon the only places where Citgo is sold will be where ‘progressives’ predominate, though since environmentally concerned ‘progressives’ like hybrid vehicles, the market just might be tiny. As for the fuel-oil markets, Harlem and a place in Boston do not make a large market, especially when Venezuela has already sold it at below market prices during a previous PR-stunt by Chavez. So the people in those areas will expect the cost of their fuel-oil to continue to be at below market price. Whoops.

See Hugo, there is still cause and effect; even if you click your heels three times and want Noam Chomsky to read you a bed-time story in Kansas. And with gas dropping in a month by almost a third in price, from $2.90/gallon for 87 octane to spying at Wal-Mart $2.13/gallon for the same 87 octane, one has to wonder how long the remaining petro-dollars will prop up Chavez’s shaky hold on Venezuela. Ask not for whom the bell tolls Hugo, it tolls for thee.

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