Monday, September 18, 2006

Please Do Not Send ...

... Joe Wilson to investigate this: Hat tip VCrisis.

The transcribed statements indicate that the mines do exist and could very well be one of the reasons for the close ties between Hugo Chávez and Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the fundamentalist president of Iran. Furthermore, they would explain Venezuela and Cuba’s opposition to the decision by the International Atomic Energy Agency to submit the case of Iran to the Security Council and the announcement by Chávez himself, in May of 2005, concerning his interest in having that country furnish him with nuclear technology.

Hey Al Gore, your best bud Jimmy Carter's friend Chavez is trying to make the Amazon glow. Jet on down to Caracas and give him a speech on saving the planet. Maybe you can bore him to death and liberate a whole country in the process. Hey just think Al, your statue in downtown Caracas as their liberator.


Anna said...

I'm just going to ignore Venezuela and Iran and maybe they will go away! Think it'll work?!

Mike's America said...

No it won't work. Clinton tried that with terrorism.

Notice how the same folks who scream aboutthe environment and evils of nuclear power, not to mention weapons, are silent on the problem of Iran with a nuke, or Chavez's plans to build a 5,000 km pipeline through the heart of the Brazilian rain forest?

Anna said...

Anna, SNL needs to hire Chavez.

Agree Mike, their only true enemy is this strange idea called the United States.