Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well I think Chavez just set new standards for a UN vitrolic rant-spew. But I am also reminded of another rant at the UN that came back to haunt the ranter. When Premier Kruschev banged his shoe on the table while yelling 'We will bury you!' I know he was talking about grain but it had larger implications. We buried the USSR in US grain and in 1990 the USSR itself got buried.

Perhaps Chavez should read something besides Chomsky.


Myrtus said...

You know Chavez is merely fighting to unclog his pipelines before he drowns in his own oil. Poor thing is having a hard time finding customers for his brand of oil, now that the US doesn't want it, so now he's getting more desperate than ever.
Rumor has it that Citgo is suddenly starting to rename its gas stations to stay in business...if you see "Petrol Express" or anything else you've never heard of before keep driving, get your gas elsewhere.

Mike's America said...

Interesting that Citgo was the primary sponsor of the panel discussion for Special Report on Fox News tonight where the panel just savaged poor, little Hugo.

What a clown this guy is.

Anna said...

Chavez certainly got the open-arms treatment in Harlem today. He's playing the people, the media and using the poor to make him look like a hero. NY Councilman Barron called him a "great humanitarian" and that if WE aren't willing to give the poor of Harlem oil, they will take it from Chavez and gladly! Then an economic pundit on Cavuto said Chavez was giving "humanitarian aid to the poor of the US"!

atheling2 said...

Humanitarian my arse.

Harlem was the only place that tinpot dictator windbag could go to. (After all, it's Bill Clinton's stomping grounds).

He ought to try one of the fly over states... he would have been pilloried.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I was irked but not surprised by the giggles and applause coming from representatives at the UN. Very inappropriate, and highly telling.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

"Perhaps Chavez should read something besides Chomsky."

And to that I say Amen!! Excellent points!

Anna said...

Thank you everyone for the comments during my work induced dry spell of posting.

Myrtus, since only buy gas from four different stations don't think have to worry about that.

Mike, that is amusing. Using Chavez's stolen money against him. Who says the news lacks a sense of humour.

Harlem is a niche market, don't think he is playing well in Peoria Anna and Atheling2. :)

Wordsmith, the UN is plain broke and slowly many others are realizing this.

LMC, what do you suggest to be added to Hugo's reading list?

New Lizard said...

Talk is cheap. I don't condone Chavez's childish remarks. But his actions are more productive than most world leaders', on behalf of the environment, the poor, and peace. What matters more?

Anna said...

So Cloudberry you support Chavez cutting a natural gas pipleline through the Amazon rainforest? His recent attempt at influencing the elections in Mexico?

New Lizard said...

1st thing: no, although I think he has more constructive motives than most people who destroy our environment.
2nd thing: why not?

Anna said...

Its okay for Chavez to clear cut a 5000Km long natural gas pipleline through the Amazon rain forest, destroying untold numbers of flora and fauna; all to line the pockets of Chavez and his cronies. And you call that constructive?

You Cloudberry are dishonest in the extreme.

You are a Chaveznista, fawning over the thug dares to voice imperialistic desires over his neighboring countries and blatanly meddles in their internal affairs.

New Lizard said...

Actually, what I meant was that while most of those who destroy the environment do so for profit, Chavez does so to help those less fortunate. To wit: his Bolivarian missions, which encourage a healthy rebalance between urban and rural. Yes, he is damaging the environment, but things will get worse before they will get better. Needless to say, I don't support everything Chavez does.

As for imperialism, Chavez is not an imperialist. He is trying to spread an ideology, I think a healthy one: economic justice and indigenous pride. You think we do not try to meddle in other peoples' affairs? Do you remember Salvador Allende and Augusto Pinochet?