Sunday, September 10, 2006

On the Female Form

In Pakistan Ms. Mariyah Moten and her itty-bitty red bikini are considered a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Reports are still coming in on how many jihadi males blew their brains out just reading about Mariyah and her attire. Hopefully the trend will continue as she jets back to the United States where she now lives instead of Pakistan where she was born.

Hat-tip to Captain's Quarters for finding the original story. The artistic license is all mine though.

On a related thought, more artistic license.

  • One tablet of Pepcid Complete AC for the plastic food and plastic speeches: $7.99.
  • One slinky black cocktail dress that shows almost everything Iranian-style Islam forbids: $300.
  • Seeing the former President of Iran Khatami being served with a lawsuit: Priceless.

And finally a comment from moi: A woman who is all lines is not a pleasing shape for the artist.

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