Monday, August 07, 2006

'tween Pillar and Post

The news keeps getting strange around the world.

Hezbollah leader in hiding, Nasrallah, is following in Elvis' footsteps in more ways than one. It seems CDs of his rants are a hot seller in Syria. Don't mess with his blue suede fez baby. And I doubt Yallah ya Nasrallah is on the CD, more the pity.

Meanwhile in Cuba and outside, it seems everyone is playing 'where in the world is fidel?'

Hezbollah tried another new attack avenue today. A suicide drone. Some will ask, and this is different how? This one flies just under 200mph for upto 90 minutes. The Israeli Defense Force shot it down. No word on whether it gets 72 virgin fem-bots in Paradise.

Just to prove TV is not a complete wasteland, Kimmel's show ran a very funny skit called 'Weekend at Fidel's' in which Raul orders two slacker Cuban communists to re-animate his older brother to prove to the world he is still alive. I really loved the Buster Pointdexter song of 'Hot Hot Hot!' One quibble though, after eight days there is still no reliable sightings of Raul except in a now discredited Hajj photo from Beirut.

At the United Nitwits convention at Turtle Bay, long suffering warden John Bolton has just seen a cease-fire initiative he worked out with France shot down by Qatar who wants Israel to pull immediately and 72 hours later UNIFIL to resume its positions. No word on what Hezbollah would do during those 72 hours nor whether UNIFIL would be more effacious than its previous 28 years of failure in Lebanon. Bolton might not have been in a closet working on this resolution, but Lebanon is proving they live in one that is guarded by Hezbollah as they demand Israel pull out now while Hezbollah is still combat effective.

South American luminaries such as Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega have been sending get well messages to fidel. Not sure if any marriage proposals are among those messages. Just to prove he is still alive, well it is Cuba so he might be, Elian Gonzales sent well wishes to his grandpa fidel. No word if Janet Reno had an MP-5 to Elian's head to make him write it.

And that is the world wrap-up for now.


Mike's America said...

Reuters is passing around as "news" the "reporting" by Hugo Chavez that Castro is already out of bed and doing well:


Still waiting on the Hajj photos.

Anna said...

Hmmmm 'out of bed' somewhat vague, did they winch out of bed, stick a 2x4 into his back, pose him on a balcony while wires made his hand wave to all the adoring people? Oh wait, they did that with Brezhnev during those last years. Totalitarian regiemes hate anything approaching truth.