Monday, August 07, 2006


Has it been 61 years already? Yes it has. Two weapons of unbeleivable destructive power, of that time, were dropped on the sole remaining Axis power - Japan. Within days in a scratchy voice few Japanese had ever heard, Emperor Hirohito advised them to be ready to endure unendurable times and then World War II was over.

Many of the 'peace' movements in the West would like to tell you how evil that decision was. How inhumane it was to drop two low yeild nukes on Japan.

What they omit is the casualty count from the planned invasion of Japan. How does 500,000 Allied casualties grab you? Or the millions of Japanese deaths, both military and civilian that would occur as a result of the invasion. Some of the Japanese civlian deaths would be suicides as whole familes kill themselves least the blood-thirsty Americans capture them, their government and media had told them such and ones on Saipan had done this already at a place called Banzai Cliff.

I think a body count in the millions is far more inhumane than what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Mike's America said...

The two bombs were awful things. But as you say not the worst that could have befallen the Japanese.

One of the anti-nuke groups arranged a dinner with a Hiroshima survivor at my college years ago. It's not pleasant to eat while someone is telling you about their friends who were vaporized on the spot and the remainder half cooked.

Of course the no-nuke group didn't get around to examining the alternatives.

RightWingRocker said...

I think Mr. Ahmagaynutjob would be wise to consider the anniversary.


Anna said...

When it comes to great evil, sometimes we have to look only at the macro level. If we exclusively focus on the micro level, we will always shy away from doing anything. Which is what these 'peaceniks' want. They dont want real peace, they just want the West to lose.

RWR, yup. Iran might have a small nuke. But the US has whole fields in the Mid West that are nothing but Minuteman III and Peacekeepers. Not to mention the B-2s and Trident equipped Ohios.