Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Bust

First off thank you to the United Kingdom and Pakistan for thwarting the latest attempt by Islamic kamikazes to kill infidels in job lots.

There are reports the plan involved blowing up ten airplanes over the Atlantic as they jetted from the UK to the US. The casualties from 911 came in just under 2000 killed/missing. Ten jumbo jetliners exploding could have meant a death toll from 4000 to 6000 murdered.

So far authorities have netted 24 suspects but almost another 25 are still on the loose. As to what prompted the sudden arrests, there is speculation in the media Scotland Yard had to move because the killers were just days away from doing a test run of the plan.

As for how these would-be murderers were to carry out this carnage, they planned to use liquids disguised as various common things like sports drinks to form explosives that would be detonated and cause the planes to decompress catastrophically. In reaction the alert levels have hit the roof and all liquids have been banned from all airline flights.

I would like to thank all who helped foil this plot for all their efforts again. Keep being vigilent.


Mike's America said...

I can't believe that even this episode isn't enough to let the light of reality dawn on some euroweanies.

You should see some of the stuff at A Tangled Web.

Those folks will do anything to avoid admitting how very, very wrong they are.

Anna said...

Mike, cant remember where I read this adage but it still fits, 'fools know everything.'

The light might not dawn until the Eiffel Tower vanishes in a nuclear blast. Even then some will still think it was their fault I bet.

Anonymous said...

A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything

~ African Proverb


Mike's America said...

If the Eiffel Tower gets vaporized, they'll be plenty of loony French blaming the United States, which is the ONLY country to which they won't surrender.

Anna said...

Thanks AndyJ for finding the exact quote.

And Mike you are right. S ome are so far around the bend, even if they are killed by jihadis they will still blame the US.