Thursday, August 10, 2006

fidel is dead

At least that is my guess since Hugo Chavez has asked the people of Venezuela to pray to G_d for the recovery of fidel now that fidel is in a fight for his life.

Which begs the question, where is Numero 2 Raul? Still missing and presumed to be in power.


Mike's America said...

Days ago Chavez assured Marxist mavens and fellow travelers that Uncle Fidel was out of bed and on the mend...

Today's change in tone is indeed good news.

If I had a shortwave radio I'd tune in to Radio Havana. When they start playing the funeral dirge you know the end is here.

Anna said...

Yeah listen to Radio Havana for the dirge, then tune via Internet to a Miami station to listen to joyful music.

Then we get to see if Raul the Missing can maintain control.

RightWingRocker said...

I'll believe he's dead when the MSM televises his cold dead corpse being paraded through the streets of Havana.

If they can't find Raul, I say we go in and clean house.