Thursday, August 24, 2006

Politics is Strange

Hopefully everyone remembers Rep. William Jefferson [D-LA] whom the FBI caught on tape loading into his car a $100,000 bribe, of which $90,000 was found in his freezer wrapped in tin-foil. And when the FBI, under a proper search warrant, went through Jefferson's Congressional office Dennis Hastert had a coniption fit. Oh and lets remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi stripping Jefferson of his committee seat even though he has yet to be convicted of any wrong doing. Does that refresh everyone's memory?

Well things have gotten stranger since then. Between August 27th and August 30th the Democratic Caucus' Katrina Task Force will tour New Orleans. Guess who will be the tour guide? Rep. William Jefferson, whom just after Katrina flooded the city, managed to get an Army National Guard 5-ton truck diverted to his house where he proceeded to load up some personal effects while he was conducting a 'tour' of the devastation his district suffered.

Are the Democrats trying to make amends with Jefferson, after brutally stripping him of his committee seat, because they fear he will be re-elected even when he is facing twelve opponents? I do not know but it strikes me as very strange activity while knocking yet another hole in the 'Culture of Corruption' meme the Democrats think will help them recapture seats.


Mike's America said...

Anna: I hate to chide... but you missed the point of this story:

Jefferson is leading this delegation on a treasure hunt. By now Demcorrupt contributors have stashed away hundreds of thousands in cash all over the flood ravaged areas of New Orleans. While the camera crews following the Congress folk around are filming unrepaired houses, the delegation will be digging for payola.

Keep an eye on the before and after photos. See if you notice some extra padding on the Dems as they finish their "inspection."

Anna said...

Mike, very good point. Or they could also be looking to dig up a few more voters for Rep. Jefferson in 2006 and Hillary in 2008.