Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beach Break

Just a place I visited a few times. Thought needed to post something like it to break up routine. Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

Come on Anna, too easy, everyone has to know that the picture is .........THE RAY NAGIN STATE BEACH in N.O.


Anna said...

Wherever it is, it's very beautiful and I would have a hard time leaving!

Anna said...

Luckily AndyJ this beach is not in the United States so its unlikely Nagin would ever find it. Thank goodness, he would ruin it.

Anna, yes the place is very beautiful. This particular spot of beach is about 2 hours from civilization to the west and about 5 hours from civilization to the east. We had stopped to take a breather so I snapped a picture.

Mike's America said...

I'm just minutes from beaches galore, so I tend to get rather blase about them. Sort of like when I lived in New York and Washsington and only went to the museums when friends were visiting.

But that beach looks fun. And I like the fact that it's hidden away from the world. Not like Hilton Head. We're even overrun by illegal immigrants and Moslem women in Burkas on occasion.

Anna said...

The water is warm and very clear Mike. Just mind the barracudas though. Can snorkel in some areas for rock lobster. Plus conch.

I loved that area. Gave me needed perspective on how really blessed citizens of the US truly are by interacting with the local people who were truly warm and friendly. Plus it got me away from all the distractions that come with modern US civilization to see some real beauty in the world.

Mike's America said...

oh we have our own barracudas and the water is so murky you can't even see them coming. Kind of freaks me out to see the small barracudas along the surfs edge.

A few years back a big one jumped out of the water and speared a man in a boat.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It looks awesome, wish I could be there right now :-)!!

Anna said...

Oh gee Mike, fish spears man. Film at 11.

Little Miss Chatterbox, I would love to go back to see if it has changed. I really doubt it since the tourist trap is on the north side.