Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ernesto Watch

What a difference 36 hours makes in the path of a storm. Ernesto's probable path has now tracked further east so it has skimmed over Haiti, pass over Cuba to the west of Guantanimo Bay, exit into the Gulf of Mexico east of Havana before curving to strike Florida Wednesday evening. At least that is the prediction now. Stay tuned.

Governor Bush has ordered the state of Florida to go to a higher alert level. NASA is now caught between wanting to launch the Shuttle and getting it back inside the VAB before Ernesto can do any damage. And the rest of the Gulf Coast watches to see if Ernesto will stay on its current path.


Mike's America said...

I bet I'd be lucky to get enough rain from Ernesto to water the lawn.

If trends continue, it's going to be a quiet hurricane season.

I wonder if the loons who demanded that Hurricance Center head Max Mayfield resign for not endorsing their global warming lunacy will come out and apologize for being such weather fascist scaremongers?

Anna said...

Those cowardly losers wont apologize since they know they are right. Never mind the empirical facts to the contrary.

I dont know if Ernesto will live that long, traversing Cuba and then a lot of Florida. Your drought might continue.