Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28, 2005

This is how Hurricane Katrina looked at 3:45pm on 28 August, 2005 from a NOAA sattelite. Pretty darn big storm and so beautiful in its perfect form.

By this time my parents had evacuated the Mississippi Gulf Coast while many of my cousins had fled New Orleans and environs. They would meet up in Shreveport to ride out the storm.

As for me. I was on stand-by, waiting to be called out. I spent Saturday buying some more supplies just in case. Even though I live almost 4 hours north of the coast I wanted to be ready. That afternoon the skies were beautiful in their clear blueness. I also remembered to fill the gas tank of my truck and a 5 gallon can. This would stand me in good stead in the days to come, while others were searching for gas just three days after Katrina I still had fuel on day five when a gas station opened near me.

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