Thursday, August 03, 2006

06 Hurricane Season

Today is August 3, 2006. So far this season we have seen two tropical storms form and drench parts of the Eastern US. Now we have Tropical Storm Chris approaching the Bahama Islands with a possible Sunday morning landfall on the island of Cuba. There is a prediction after the Cuban landfall the storm will make it into the Gulf of Mexico.

In contrast on August 3, 2005, the eighth storm of that season had formed and was named Harvey. It did not impact the US and stayed out in the Atlantic until it dissipated.

This just underscores how much of a fluke season 2005 was. We still got the most active storm formation months coming up so things could get hectic but to predict anything else would be foolhardy. All people can do is be prepared.


moonbat aka pekka said...

How about this insistance on building and rebuilding on the water fronts? I get it that, ocean vistas are beautiful but to insist on staying an area that has been slammed down by the Mother Nature repeatedly..why to keep on building? Who insures those properties anyway?

Mike's America said...

I wonder why the Europeans keep rebuilding their cities after every single war??? You know they're just going to go at each other every couple decades again anyway?

At least Hurricanes are an act of GOD and not an act of monumental stupidity.

Anna said...

Well after 100 years and 100 million deaths, some people still think communism can work. Some are just dedicated to Quixoticlly destructive delusions.

I will take the ones who like the view and rebuild, but are smart enough to evacuate when the time comes.

Unfortuantely the US government backs up this insurance but as Katrina is proving, even government subsitence is not foolproof. As John Stossel comments, this has got to stop, stop encouraging foolish behavior with tax money. Which means those cliff perching houses in California would lose insurance also.

Anna said...

Yes, the crazy people rebuilding are on both sides of the country...Eastcoast hurricanes and Westcoast earthquakes. As long as these people pay for their own rebuilds, I could care less where they put their houses, but when it starts costing me in higher insurance rates, it ticks me off.

moonbat aka Pekka said...

Hey, this must be my lucky day! Anna agreed with me and even "Red"...sort of. Then came Mike who would refuse(?), as a principle, to agree with me that the world is round.

Mike, the Europeans keep building their cities after every single war because they have to live in them to survive just like you. The Europeans have to build them there because that's the acreage that is in their disposal and nowhere else to go.

Outside the Balkans, not too many wars have been taking place in Europe the past sixty years, have there? It's getting increasingly harder to have a good old mayhem going there due to the fact that they stopped being just Germans, French, Dutch and what have you and formed the EU.

I am not a gambling man but, Mike, I bet $20 that some of your previously devastated coastal areas will experience yet another disaster before the Europeans will be at each other's throats again!

Mike's America said...

Rough estimate of 20,000 US deaths from hurricanes in our history.

Compare that with the death toll in Europe from man made causes if you like.

Just makes my point stronger.

Pekka said...

I have never held you, Mike, as a shining example of being logical but since you said: "Compare that with the death toll in Europe from man made causes if you like", I must jump in.

The only way that these two, a natural disaster in the U.S. and a war in Europe, can be meaningfully compared is, that we both can agree that, a natural disaster and a war are man made or that they are both acts of God. Since you don't think that natural disaster has anything to do with man and I don't believe that wars are schemed by gods, you must be able to see that comparison is not doable and your stronger point that you prematurely celebrated turns out to be illogical, silly, and somewhat embarrassing.

Mike's America said...

Pekka, you're a nit wit!

How many millions were killed because Europeans started wars and unleashed genocide against their neighbors?

Many, many, many times the number of all US citizens who have died by act of God while living in hurricane prone areas.

Still, if you want to stick to ignore the difference and stick to your original point "insist on staying an area that has been slammed down by the Mother Nature repeatedly..why to keep on building."

Fine with me... Comrade!

P.S. you buying candles and pressing your black suit for the day soon to come when comrade Fidel slids down to hell?

Pekka said...

He is reading a comment by a seriously disturbed person and slowly races both of his arms in the air as a sign of a resignation. He then almost painfully lowers the arms and starts typing but manages to produce only these words: Sure, Mike, what ever.

Anna said...

Pekka dear. What I have heard from you, though couched in polite words, is the usual litany. 'Oh yes that is truly horrible what is going on but there is nothing I want to do about it. Oh you did something and just look at how horrible you made things by trying to do the right thing.'

Terms that spring to mind are Monday morning quaterback, back-seat driver, and anklebiter. And those are the polite terms.

You have often offered up poorly researched criticisms of the United States and its faults, of which there are like over dependance upon a government run by humans to do the right consistentantly. You have offered up sympathy and agreement that there are terrible people out there, but instead of offering constructive arguments to change things you carp on how wrong the approach the US has tried to take in these matters.

In other words, I am so unmoved by your words.

As to the confusion of the Annas, my post has the picture. Think of me as Rot Anna then. Though please dont call Anna Tante, she might make things run red then. Tschuss!

moonbat aka pekka said...

Rot, I am a simple man trying to make sense of things and learn in a process. I don't expect to bring any earth shaking solutions, having no capacity for that, but it is natural to see the mistakes that are out there. To see something concrete on front of you is always easier than try to figure out things that are just concepts and policies for the future.

This is primarily the reason why I tend to come up with questions, which you lable as critisim. I am a guy who prods and suggests alternatives and almost never comes with an original answers. This is what you see in my drivels and not the hell bent effort to just slash out those that might not share my views.

To you remain "unmoved by my words" is thus more than fair position to have and I am just hoping that you can still put up with me. However, if my "presense" here is too much to bear, please, let me know and I will do the right thing!

Mike's America said...

I'd say the "seriously disturbed" person is the one who refuses to acknowledge the oh-so-evident horrors of European civilization while pointing a bony finger at the only nation capable of helping the world avoid another descent into the darkness.

You suffer from delusions and denials that are typical of your demagogic comrades. Stalin had a term that describes you perfectly: "useful idiot."

My inital instincts which I recorded on our first exchange proved correct:


Not only did you attempt to deny you are a liberal, you went on to condemn strong and effective US action while accusing us of becoming the evil monsters we are working to defeat.

And never once did you have any practical, effective solutions to contribute to the much needed debate on these serious issues.

It's clear that any effort to find common ground with you has been a waste of time.

But I'll make up for that time lost and make a contribution to the Republican Party on your behalf.

And I'll continue to do everything within my limited abilities to defeat the defeatism which you so wrongly feel is a substitute for sounder strategies.

Pekka said...

"Take your pardner and round and round we go", I can almost hear fiddle palyin in the back ground.

Mike, nobody is denying that, what happened in Europe in the first half of the previous Century was the darkes period of the human existence. The WWI was imperial in nature and these soon to be failed empires wanted to settle the pecking order with the horrendous concequensess for the millions of Europeans. The second lunatic encounter was even worse and I cannot see that it will ever be surpassed in devastation.

Europe was ruled in the 30's by the collection of mad dictators of all stripe and you can take your pick who was the worst. I haven't been able to decide whether Hitler or Stalin should win the race but I am starting to lean towards comrade Steel. He wins, because he and his system enslaved not only the Russians but half the Europe for an entire generation. We also remember that their failed ideology was the major export goody that caused horrendous negative concequenses all around the world.

I have never, anywhere, said anything positive about this period or the dictators that went on a looney rampage against the mainly European civilization. No ifs, buts, or maybes. DID I MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR?

Mike, history is something we all can learn from but we can't change it. Past is past and we should learn about it in order to minimize the possibility repeating it. This is the America's century which can be a time for greatness or it can go the same route than the previous ones did. What I am seeing right now, and you prove it every day, is a divided nation with the same old nemesis that England, Rome and Greece had - stretching the empire too far and wide and thus getting weaker. You might see this, coming from me, as an insult, but it isn't. It is vital for Rot's and yours future, and the future of the world, to raise these issues because if ignored they tend to get bigger and come to bite your ass later on.

I love America and hope that it will survive as the leader nation because I don't quite trust that Chinese would do a better job. Now, I hope the hell that you are able to get off that horse called suspicion and cut me a bit slack! If you are unable to respond to me with some sort of thought and tact this time, I swear, I'll never communicate with you again!

Mike's America said...

" I swear, I'll never communicate with you again!"

We've heard this before haven't we?

Promises, promises!

Anna said...

And you say I feed them Mike? :)

pekka said...

OK folks, I finally got it, even if I am as slow as molasses; you do not want dialoque, period! Your wish is my command.