Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shading the News - Haditha

Reuters has this charming article about the Haditha incident. After dropping such damning statements such as "The Marines will go through their day of pain" and the report submitted to General George Casey found failings in the "command environment" of the 2nd Marine Division one finds sandwiched why this report does not matter much:
A separate murder inquiry is looking at the conduct of the Marines present on the ground during the events of November 19.
And then in paragraph seven it is revealed this report is an administrative review of the actions of the Marines. Even here Reuters can not let this go without slanting again their reporting by calling this review a determination of how far did the Marines deliberately covered up the Haditha incident.

But the most amazing thing of all, this report Reuters talks has not been released to the public yet so all of this reporting is based on leaks. Leaks by people with unknown motives whom the news agency is using to push forward what is probably a very biased agenda. So the distortions have gotten a leg up on the truth again and no matter what the actual criminal investigation says later on some ideas will have already been planted firmly in minds as 'truth.'

Thank you Reuters, now go play in Jenin and al-Sadr City.


Anna said...

Until the report is released by the proper authorities I will not listen nor read the garbage in the papers. Actually, even after the report is out, I will not read about it in the papers...I'll just read the report.

Anna said...

Yes, lets make the MSM obsolete. Also fact check them to ensure they are irrelevant.