Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Da NorKs

The UN, ram-rodded by a nervous Japan, is pushing forward on how to deal with North Korea after Lil Kim's seven missile PR stunt fiasco. US, UK, France, and Germany are looking to push forward on initiatives to punish North Korea, but China and Russia [almost wrote USSR] are balking.

I have to wonder if we are missing something? Mainly the case-fire that put a halt to the Korean War. Could these missile shots be construed as breaking that cease-fire? If so then who cares what China and Russia think. I would think that would a huge lever to use against Lil Kim, to renew the war or he behaves.

Comments? Or should we just send a B-2 to drop some 500lb candygrams on Lil Kim and his Roman candle factory to express our sentiments?


Anna said...

The cease fire agreement would definitely be worth looking into as leverage against Kim Jong Mentally-Il.

Anna said...

Once again the UN is proving useless as Japan and the US struggle to get even another motion to sanction North Korea through obstacles from China and Russia.

Mike's America said...

The original "Mash", the movie, is playing on AMC tonight... Just another reminder that the war never ended.

And the Chinese are playing a double game. A very dangerous double game.

Anna said...

Indeed Mike. I wonder if China is crooning to Lil Kim 'suicide is easy, it brings upon many changes' as they prod their little stoolie to distract the world from Chinese militirization like all the missiles aimed at Taiwan.