Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Silly Quiz

Decided to take a break from all the serious news and do something silly. So took an online quiz.

Your Inner European is Dutch!
Open minded and tolerant.You're up for just about anything.

Am Dutch! :)


Myrtus said...

hah Anna, I told you a long time ago you're very Dutchy.

here's my results... (:

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Moonbat aka Pekka said...

Bad news Anna, this commie pinko got the same result as yours truly!

Moonbat aka Pekka said...

But still can't make any sense in English! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!

Anna said...

Haha Najia. Spirited lassie ye are that is true. :) Am Dutchy huh? No relation to a Duchy?

*laugh* Pekka don't sweat ze english. Just think, you are a Finn who secretly wants to be Dutch. :) About all I know of Finland is: its way cold, you did kick Soviet posterior during those fights, and the goddess Meilikki. Hail Woden! ^_^ See you around okay?

Mike's America said...

Well this is an odd couple... the "commie pinko" and Anna.

There must be another harmonic convergence happening.

Mike's America said...
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Anna said...

Well Mike, just perhaps it means Pekka is not quite the communist drone some think Pekka is. So what is your inner European? :)

Mike's America said...

I got Irish too... I was sure I would be a Nazi.

Well, I am glad you can find the bright side of "Pinko Pekka" (try saying that three times fast).

Not sure you saw his original foray into the Mike's America mindfield from this post:


And after the first run of what had all the originality of a Michael Moore cut and paste job I got this:


Pekka admits to being "no expert" but also claims to be "unbiased." And as you can clearly see I repeatedly called for Pinko Pekka to demonstrate his objectivity by citing 9 points of positive reflections on Bush and our war on terror.

Perhaps you will have better luck getting something positive from Pinko Pekka, as it has been pointed out to me by Wordsmith that I and others were a bit "harsh" in reply.

My conclusion was that comrade Pekka was hopelessly mired in lefty-speak delusions. I could of course be proven wrong...but I'm not holding my breath.

P.S. Blogger comments seem to be doubling here (Haloscan is WAY better). I'll delete any dupes.

Moonbat aka Pekka said...

Anna puna, I am hoping that you allow me to answer to Mike this one time.

Please, Mike, I did withdraw from your site, so, there is no need to hunt me to the end of the world! I came here only because the factual stuff that Anna puna was telling checked out. We might be different sort of greatures, Anna puna and me, but anybody that backs their wiews with demonstrated knowledge gets my ears and eyes.

Anna puna, the moment you feel I shouldn't contribute to your site, just tell me and I will leave it with heavy hearts!

Mike's America said...

Anna: I'm missing Pekka's unbiased expert views already.

I'll trade you Georgia:


and toss in a couple of Kos Kids.

Anna said...

I will keep Pekka, Kos Kids means calling in the EPA and declaring this place a SuperFund site. *yuk*

I hear Lysol and scrubbing bubbles are good deterrents for Kos Kids. That or VX.