Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh this is rich

Our favorite Representative from Louisiana, William 'Cool Cash' Jefferson just got introduced to the cattle-catcher grill of an East-bound locomotive as Democratic Party Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi railroaded the poor man from his committee seat.

Yes the man did not step down voluntarily and vowed to fight the FBI investigation of him accepting bribes, some from foreign officials. Yes $90,000 in marked FBI bribe money was found in his freezer wrapped in tin-foil. And yes there is videotape of him loading the ill-gotten loot into the back of his own truck. But there is a big problem with Pelosi chasing the money lender out of the temple. Jefferson has not even been indicted by a grand jury yet.

Talk about a McCarthy-style witch hunt. The speed of the party's advance to oblivion just picked up speed as they zealously persecute a man not even charged. I wonder if anyone will ask Jefferson how does it feel to be lynched by his allies.


Anna said...

How could they attack him so unfairly?!

Anna said...

Because Jefferson was a perceived millstone around their neck denying them the ability to paint all Republicans as being part of a 'culture of corruption.' So in haste they doth acted, it has gained them naught except the emnity of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Democratic Party is too wedded to bygone ideas and groups to be relevant. Their current actions prove they deserve the fate of the dodos.

Mike's America said...

I found a funny cartoon about this today: