Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Isn't that special

President Vladimir Putin has put out a hit contract on the psychotic scum who murdered four Russian diplomats in Iraq. The next explosive Candygram delivered in Iraq will come with a Russian accent courtesy of Spetznaz.

"Proshtchayte svynya!"


Mike's America said...

Well they can't use that old Bulgarian umbrella tipped with ricin. Or maybe people in Baghdad use bumbershoots to protect themselves from the sun.

Just how is Russia supposed to get these killers? They don't have any troops on the ground.

Anna said...

I know, will Spetznaz freelance inside Iraq to avoid being stuck with an Iraqi/Coalition minder. And possibly get their tushes shot off by the Coalition or Iraqi forcess? Like the Italians or will Putin ask nicely to join the hunt. My that will be fun to think on, what will Preident Bush do? Tell Putin Nyet? Or say Da to let a Russian special forces company attach itself to an American special forces unit so both can go hunting the killers?

It has possibilities to draw Russia further into the conflict on the US side. Or it could all fizzle and Putin storms off in a huff as Iraq/US rebuffs his request. I do not think Bush will flat out say Nyet but will try to work a deal with Putin that shifts Russia more to the US side.

One just has to think of Iran next door to see why Bush would be agreeable on letting the Russians operate in Iraq as part of the Coaltion. Make the Mad Mullahs uncertain of future Russian support. Might make them so peeved they tick off the Russians.

It is an opportunity to grasp at with both hands. Of course I am just spinning what-ifs. The reality might be completely different. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Just a small question...........Bush mentioned in a speech about the Russians being beheaded, has anyone heard him mention anything about our two soldiers who were tortured and slaughtered? I haven't seen one thing.


Anna said...

AndyJ, there have been comments from CENTCOM about the 8000 troops who searched and found the two soldiers. Comments from the White House but so far nothing from the President. Hopefully when Tucker is buried this weekend he will finally say something.

Meanwhile we got this Ward Churchill wanna-be who blames everything on Abu Ghraib and Americans having too short an attention span: http://www.statenews.com/op_article.phtml?pk=36746
I think his attention span is defined by his narrow world view.

On the good side, Phelps little hatemongers did not show for Pfc. Menchaca's funeral. http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/ts_comments.php?id=71474_0_10_0_C

Anna said...

Let the Russians in. Let them dust off some of their old KGB spies and take out some of "the problems" in Iraq. Have them also send in the special forces company as a diversion while the spies do the dirty work!

Just a thought...

Anna said...

After Condi chided rather firmly the Russians at the G-8, might not see any co-operation. Or might see better. I hope better.