Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Driving to the Sea

For years the chant in Arab countries, while waving angry fists in the air and firing AK-47s, has been to drive Israel into the sea.

Once again, the Arab betting pool is wrong. Looking more like dead wrong.

After imitating tunnel rats to dig 300 meters all the mad jihadis did was kill two Israeli soldiers and kidnap another who is gravely wounded. Hamas has tried to hold this wounded Corporal as a hostage to secure the release of some thugs. To put further pressure on Israel they have kidnapped other Israelis.

The Israeli Defense Force has given Hamas Israel's answer. To Asad of Syria, stop sheltering the leader of Hamas. To the jihadi thugs in Gaza the answer has even been more brutal. Two-thirds of Gaza is now without power, two key bridges are down, and Israeli tanks are now moving into northern Gaza.

So it is not the Israelis being driven into the sea, but Hamas and its supporters.

Oh dear, the teenager that was kidnapped in the West Bank has been executed by his jihadi torturers. Fox News is saying he was burned alive. They are also reporting nine of the Hamas command structure have been captured. Israel, do not go soft now and negotiate; drive these monsters into the sea so no honorable human being has to ever see them again.

The ten month experiment of giving the Palestinians their own country is at an end. It is a complete failure as the Palestinians have proven incapable of governing themselves or controlling the radical elements in their midst.


Fares said...

where is the arab brain:adding logic into the Arab/Israeli conflict and arab leaders

Mike's America said...

I look at the photos of Eliahu Asheri and Cpl. Shalit. They're just kids. That these Palestinian animals should treat any human being this way convinces me that they have given up any human rights they might wish to claim as protection for themselves.

Israel pulled out of Gaza thinking it bought itself peace. And this is what they got.

I hope the IDF goes into Gaza and the West Bank and levels everything in sight. You cannot negotiate with rabid animals. You have to kill them.

Anna said...

Lets see if anyone like Kennedy or Dean will admit the obvious, the Gaza experiment literally bombed. I doubt it.

Lets pray for those two Israelis and their families while asking G_d to protect the warriors of Israel from harm.

Anonymous said...

You're right Mike, Caterpillar should donate all of the D11 dozers that Israel can take, line them up blade tip to blade tip at one end of Gaza and just level everything from one end to the other. Then they should line up those dozers at the border of the "Palestine state" and tell them............one more missle or kidnapping or suicide bomber...............and you're next.