Friday, June 30, 2006

Iranian Volunteers

Just to make things even more interesting in Iraq. In Buqaba it seems Iraqi and Coalition forces captured a bunch of terrorists. Among them the Iraqis identified some Iranian mercenaries. Oh dear Amadjihad, El Presidente Extroidinaire and hidden iman wanna-be, is interferring with the internal politics of a neighboring country. This is usually called an act of war.

I hope none of them were wearing cheap plastic keys around their neck. Of course if they are captured inside Iraq and are proven to be Iranians, let the fun begin. Iraq can charge them under the Geneva Conventions of being spies and execute them. That just might send a clear message to Iran and those who work for the thugocracy of Tehran to stop or end up very dead. Along with being buried in an unmarked grave like Zarqawi.

Talk about something to cause the average Iraqi, either Kurd or Sunni or Shi'a to unite and temporarily forget their troubles is for those Persian fanatics to stick their nose in the Iraqis' business. Iran might find itself in a war before it predicted it to be at war.

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