Friday, June 30, 2006

How Times Change

When the above cartoon came out, naturally everyone thought President Clinton would unleash a hoard of liberal insanity upon the nation. It was inauspicious that among the first moves the Clintons did in putting their stamp upon the White House was trump up charges of fiscal irresponsibility in the White House Travel Office just so their buddy Thompson could get the deal. And Clinton's presidency ended under unfavorable terms, with the midnight pardon of a billionaire fugitive named Rich and staffers stealing the W keys off keyboards to name a few indignities.

Fourteen years later Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton [NY-D] looks poised to make her own run for the Presidency in 2008. Where in 1992 there was fear from conservatives that we would get liberal madness, in 2006 it is the progressive left who fear Hillary more than conservatives do. For she is a right wing war-monger to them and must be opposed, where she joins in Democratic exile Joe Leiberman. Their knight in feel-good armor for 2008 is either Kerry or Russ Feingold. So Hillary must be stopped.

Weird that someone thinks Hillary is far too right. Just proves how firm some people's grip on reality is I guess, as in not firm at all.


Mike's America said...

Anna: You might enjoy this:


It's a bit hardcore, especially coming from a Canadian.

Anna said...

It is not hardcore, just truth unvarnished.

Speaking of wards of the state mentality. From the People's Republic of Seattle: http://www.kirotv.com/news/9439019/detail.html
If I saw someone trashing an antique car that I have spent untold amounts of time and effort in fixing, I think I would be shooting from my window. Instead look at what happened.

And to tie in with that essay, another great line from Dominion Tank Police as Britain explains to Leona the function of the Tank Police. Their function is to ensure a crime does not happen every 35 seconds. Not to reduce it to happening every 37 seconds.

That is where we are at now. Some of us are trying to win the war [be it crime or terrorism] but others interfere because it clashes with their selfish motives.