Friday, June 02, 2006

Brown Wash

That is the only polite way of calling what is happening with the media frenzy over what went on last year in Haditha.

A white wash is to cover some wrongdoing up. A brown wash is to cover up something also, but instead of covering misdeeds a brown wash covers innocents in the smelly disgusting offal of character assassination. Neither wash is healthy but the later is wielded with malice towards those who have given no harm.

The innocents in this case being all the brave servicemembers who have been in harm's way, are in harm's way, or going to face harm's way. They are being covered broadly in this ugly brown stain while all the facts are still not know nor has any of the Marines suspected in the incident have been charged.

What is being overlooked, again is the fact the military was already investigating before the 'oh so virtuous media' [TIME Magazine has had reporters chumming with insurgents in Iraq before] ever leaked it out. Just like the Army was investigating Abu Ghraib before it hit the papers and when LTC West was forced into early retirement for personally torturing a suspected insurgent to extract information.

The media has always been late and then when they do report, what is reported is distorted. Now there is even news of another massacre of Iraqis. The only photos of the 'incident' come from insurgents. That is a real prime case with good evidence. But would these allegations have even surfaced if Haditha and Murtha had not already grabbed headlines around the world? The answer is obvious, save Al-Jazeera and Iranian media, nothing would have been heard. Mis-reported incidents like Haditha or the Koran flushing hoax only cause more unrest/harm. One incident of mis-reporting can be explained away as an accident, repeated incidents indicates there is true malice afoot.

The sufferers of this malice will be veterans like Smash. They will bear the stigmata and the unjustified shame. It will be hard for these people not to be demoralized.

To the media and their rabid frenzy, back off. Let the justice system work. These Marines are innocent until proven guilty and they can only be proven guilty if they, who are charged, are given a fair trial and the jury finds them guilty. And it is not the role of the media to cast the guilty verdict nor sentence the wrong-doers. The media should only report facts, not hyperbole and innuendo.


Anonymous said...

I have read with joy articles by quite a few Marines (Whose moto is once a Marine, always a Marine) state that they consider Murtha no longer a Marine. Both Murtha and Kerry have done more against our own troops than all of A.Q put together. So much for patriotism from our "leaders"


Anna said...

I'm tired of the crap and I am posting good stories of what are troops are doing. Just trying to counteract the garbage a little bit, so feel free to pass them along!

Mike's America said...

We know from experience that phony tales of massacres are a regular staple of Islamo-fascist propaganda.

So I will reserve judgement on the incident at Haditha until after the invesigation is completed.

If it turns out that Marines did commit murder, they will be punished.

If it turns out that Murtha and the lefties screeching about this have accused our troops falsely and aided our enemies they should be punished.

But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for accountability to be applied to the left.

Anna said...

Murtha and others of his stripe live in a world where everything is inverted it seems.

One would think after Koran-flush they would be a bit more circumspect about such things. It has not because their hate has blinded them to all consequences.

And soon their buddies the fanatical killers of rogue Islam will slit their throats. Like it has happened before, say the Russian embassy in Iraq just recently.