Saturday, June 03, 2006

911 volunteers

Anna at A Rose by Any Another Name has been posting stories from Iraq to show how things are being slanted by a few.

Well here is a short clip of a longer documentary. It is a series of interviews of ordinary people who responded to the tragedy of 911 by volunteering to help in the relief efforts. More average Americans like Flight 93 who rose to the challenge. Five years later and after incessant second-guessing from the nattering ankel-biters of our alleged betters, we are beleaguered and confused. Lets remember who really launched the first attack and....

"Lets Finish the Job."


Anna said...

Anna, great clip and thank you for the link! I know so many of us were at a loss as to what we could do. We all wanted to help in some way, but what could most of us do when we don't even live in NYC, DC or PA?
(new link A Rose By Any Other Name)

Anna said...

Link has been updated on side-bar. Thanks. :)