Thursday, May 25, 2006

What the.... ?

To answer Mike's post in my post about all the cool cash, time for another post. And there was much rejoicing.

Some are wondering if the terrorists have slipped some mind altering drugs into DC's water supply due to the antics of our elected officials.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi[D-CA], for once breathing the rarefied air of political reality, has urged the center of this controversy, Rep. Jefferson[D-LA], to step down. Rep. Jefferson has refused. Meanwhile House Speaker Hastert is worrying that perhaps the FBI is over-reaching by searching Rep. Jefferson's Congressional offices.

There is no new drug percolating through the Capitol's water supply, just the same old one. The thirst for power which can warp a person's perceptions. Rep. Jefferson is a classic case in point. Even though the FBI has him on videotape putting the payoff money into his car while previously joking with the undercover agent, he is refusing to step down because his so addicted to wielding influence and power that he publicly states he will be exonerated. Even with Pelosi trying to toss the cold water of reality on him, he still clings to his office. He is stuck to the tar baby and likes it just fine it seems.

As for Hastert, I have no idea why he is squawking like he is. The FBI ran to a judge with evidence and the judge issued a warrant for the FBI to visit Rep. Jefferson's office to cart away documents. Perhaps he to is hooked on power and might have done something shady to keep in power so he is now afraid the FBI might sniff him out.

I know Michelle Malkin does not like what President Bush has done, which is to call a time-out for the spoiled brats of Congress to go to their corners and calm down. But I hope they do calm down, step back, and realize the FBI was merely doing its duty. But I am talking politicians and perceptions, so I will probably be wrong and they will keep throwing tantrums during the 45 day cooling off period.

If I was the FBI, I would be refining the case against Rep. Jefferson with the non-sequestered evidence while detailing a few agents to looking into why others are squealing so loud. Because where there is screaming, there probably is a mugging going on. In this case, it is the American public being mugged by corrupt elected officials. Might snag another Jim Wright or Randy Cunningham.


Anonymous said...

I think that if the American people would really find out how much corruption there is in government, they would be sending ALL of the congresscritters home......in body bags, or there would be new decorations hanging from all of the light poles in Washington. I don't care what all of the squeeling is, term limits are the only rational answer to this power hungry problem. 2 terms and you are out, and you can NEVER be elected or appointed to ANY government office again. And please, please, please don't bring in the argument of the experience that these yo-yo's have by "serving"..........we can see the experience of corruption and arrogance that we now have (reference Kennedy, Lott, Byrd, Pelosi, and Kerry, Cunningham et al).

I would also recommend that an ethics committee be established from the pool of ordinary citizens which would have ABSOLUTE power over our "public servants". This ethics committee would have the power to investigate any and all wrong doing and quickly execute the guilty party (And I say execute, because these people have trashed the most treasured gift that we the people can offer.....our trust). Think that this would keep our "glorious leaders" in line? I do


Anna said...

You might be prophetic. CNN is reporting sound of gunfire in or around the Capitol building and things are in lockdown.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please tell me that it isn't Cynthia Mckinney trying to get in without her badge again......


Anonymous said...

Jefferson had 8 months to respond ...pelosi, right for once...fbi supposed to wait for jefferson' convenience.

Anna said...

I agree with Andy. I think term limits are necessary. If there are term limits the necessity for "learning the ropes" is eliminated because they wouldn't have to learn the corruption game like they do now!

Yes, I'm sure it was Cynthia McKinney "shooting" off her mouth!

Anna said...

They say it was construction noise that freaked the people out.

If I was the FBI I would be eyeing that construction area. Especially if new concrete was poured. Perhaps Jefferson was burying some of his past the FBI did not cart off.

I wonder if this is another ADSCAM. Or Rostenkowski and the Congressional Post Office? And those Congress-critters are nervous as long tail cats in a room full of rocking chairs.