Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How Not to Be Noticed

When people join a company just out of school, they tend to have dreams of being noticed and rising higher up the corporate ladder. Usually this entails lots of hard work and a fair bit of politicking while the knaves use knives in the backs of colleagues.

Today we had a classic example of how not to be noticed by upper management. The person, who shall remain nameless, had too much time on their hands and was a tad gullible. A friend of theirs had forwarded to them a chain letter and this person was so fired with do-gooding zeal since it was for a 'good cause' he added every email address from the company mail server and sent it out.

So not only did his buddies at the bottom of the corporate pyramid see it, but all the big fishes at the top too. Needless to say they have gotten far more attention than they ever wanted. And none of it good.

The fun though did not stop here. There were other do-gooders who did research at Make-A-Wish on this hoax and at www.snopes.com. Instead of clicking on the Reply button to send just to the offender, they clicked on the Reply to All button so everyone saw this same email with debunking attachments at least four times today.

As I said, how not to be noticed.


Anna said...

That is too funny! I always check Snopes or Urban Legends before passing along anything (more often than not, though, I delete those without even reading them!).

Anna said...

It was just a trying day. And four, count them four, times people clicked Reply All so once again everyone got the same spam mail.

My boss called the original offender's VP and suggested he needed to talk to the person who started the mess.

I also delete such emails. When coworkers send me such stuff I check online for the truth and then answer just them on how wrong that email is. They tend to stop sending me such emails. ^_^