Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thanks Google

Big Pharaoh was talking about a new Google gadget called Google Trends.

Can enter key words to see what people are looking for.

Type in terror cells and terror networks and came back with zero hits.

So I just typed in terror and got a shock. The top cities searching the word terror come from down south. Puebla, Mexico being #1 and Caracas, Venezuela being #10. If you click on the Countries tab, Peru is #1 and Denmark is #10.

Type in Sharia and get this breakdown. Oh my.

The Mexican immigration hot button, all the cities searching are found in the United States.

For Bush is evil, we get this. One person in New York City it seems. Bush is Hitler gets no hits. Trends can not handle the = sign so can't search Bush=Hitler.

This is called Data Mining. Which is what Able Danger was all about, sorting through publicly available online data to spot trends and indicators in an attempt to predict next possible action.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I looove Google. I don't think bloggers could survive w/out it. Great and interesting research!! I may have to use this in the future.

Anna said...

You are welcome. 'Iran nuclear' is another fun topic. Enjoy. ^_^