Sunday, May 21, 2006

Talk About Cool Cash

Up late and stumbled across this story while still reeling from the citizens of New Orleans re-electing Ray Nagin to Mayor, the man who 'abdicated the chain of command' during the lead up for Katrina and then let hundreds of school buses become junk as thousands huddled in the Superdome.

The investigation became public on Aug. 3 when FBI agents raided Jefferson's homes in New Orleans and Northeast Washington, where they found about $90,000 in cash in his freezer, law enforcement sources have said.

$90,000 in the freezer. What was this money really for Representative William J. Jefferson(D-LA)? Perhaps all that is left of your kickback money from iGate? I guess the FBI is hauling everything out of the Congressman's office just in case Jefferson and his staff have a shredder accident. I also have to wonder if there is an entire prison wing set aside just for Louisiana politicians?


Anonymous said...

New definition of "COOL CASH" I couldn't believe the headline at Drudge this morning. Oh well, the Palestinians elected Hamas, but I did expect a little better from the people of N.O.. Maybe it is true that the people get the leaders that they deserve. However, this time if there is another disaster, I don't want to hear one news story from the people of N.O..............call your mayor, don't cry to the rest of the country.


Anna said...

The bad thing is this, the guy who lost is really old time Louisiana political royalty. He is Lt. Gov, while another Landrieau is a Senator for Louisiana. And that is just current big names.

So even though the Big Easy voted in Chocolate City Nagin, they still voted in an outsider. Kinda.
He is still an incompetent pimple on the posterior of life.

And this might be the last gasp of the classic New Orleans political machine in which only blacks can get elected mayor due to all the post-Katrina flight and the influx of Vietnamese and Hispanic.

Anna said...

Ack, can not spell this morning. It is Mitch Landrieu and Senator Mary Landrieu. Then there was Moon Landrieu who was mayor of New Orleans in 1970 after whom the Riverwalk is named. Can we say political dynasty people?

Mike's America said...

The folks left in New Orleans had such a bad choice to make. How do you choose between the incompetant "Chocolate" Nagin and the statewide corruption represented by Landrieu?

It's a shame that congressional GOP leaders are stepping all over this cold cash story with their concerns about separation of power (legitimate issues, but probably a good time to let them pass).