Saturday, April 29, 2006

United Nine Three Clear

I have just arrived back home from watching United 93.

What can I say about this movie? It felt right, those who made the movie really got it. As Bubblehead in his post said, they really captured von Clauswitz's 'fog of war' as NEADS struggled to get the right information so they could defend the United States and the FAA also struggled to get the information it needed to handle the crisis. They also expertly interweaved the other hijacked flights. I think the most riveting scene of the movie, before the climatic struggle to recapture the plane, was the Newark controllers up in the tower visually tracking the second plane as it slammed into the World Trade Center and then switching to actual footage of that moment. We may never know what truly went on aboard United 93, all we have is recollections of cell-phone conversations and the cockpit voice recorder; the heroism of the passengers can not be doubted because they did try to save the plane while thwarting the jihadi kamikazes. And when the screen went black, there was total silence in the theatre. I said a silent 'whoa' at that moment. Even as the credits rolled and people started to leave, the silence persisted.

Go see this movie, I do not care if some think this movie is late coming out. Be thankful it did come out to remind people of what the Western world is up against.

To those who murder in the name of Allah the compassionate,
To those who make excuses for these murderers,
I have but two words to say,
Yuck Fou.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I just got home from seeing it also. It was very riveting and moving. And I agree that the scene of the guys in the tower watching the 2nd plane was intense.

Our theater was silent also but we did clap at the end. I was trying not to make noise while crying at the end because the theater was so silent.

Bubblehead said...

It was quiet as people left the theater I saw it in too.

Anna said...

My girls were 8 and 11 2001 and I am contemplating taking them to see this movie to give them an idea of what it was like and why we are in Iraq. To help them see a side other than the one they get from their liberal teachers.

I cannot watch the news footage of 9/11 without getting angry and wondering why so many don't see that these radical Muslims want nothing more than to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Anna said...

It is a very intense movie shot in a matter of fact way, even a couple times the camera going wonky as if it was happening real time. There is violence, but not typical Hollywood over the top violence, gritty life or death struggle that has far more impact.

How an ordinary day in the US turned extra-ordinary because many ordinary people rose to the challenge that was presented to them by fanatical murderers. That is this movie.