Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dubai Dubai

What difference a little time makes in a contentious subject. Will citizens, media, and bloggers rise up once again to do battle and save the United States? Stay tuned as the second episode of that hit new series ' Dubai Hillbillies' airs.

In this episode, Dubai decides to get a bit militaristic. For his favorite nephew, no not the one who just got bounced when Jed tried to buy those ports, Dubai is buying from a British company nine defense plants that make such things as tank parts.

For the role of the avarice driven Mr. Drysdale, we have Sen. Chuck 'lets steal identities' Schumer saying: "First, this went through the process in a careful, thoughtful way; and second this is a product not a service and the opportunity to infiltrate and sabotage is both more difficult and more detectable."

Huh? Ever see a manufacturing defect slip through QA and end up killing people Chuck? I refer to the DC-10 who's center engine turbine shattered because of such a manufacturing defect. That anyone made it out alive from that disaster is a testament to skill of the flight crew. Now think about deliberately missing a defect in say the torsion arms in the suspension of tank.

If you are going to scream about Dubai taking over management of the ports as a danger, then you must scream about Dubai buying these companies Chuck. If not, I guess I will have to look to see how much Dubai PACs and 527s are giving you since it sounds like Dubai wised up and bought you off.


Anna said...

He must have a buddy in on the plan who will get him some kick backs. He doesn't do anything unless there's something in it for him!

Mike's America said...

Anna P: good find on that Senate oil chart:


I just did a long overview of the energy issue. It will probably cause your nemesis Kent Rogers to pop a blood vessel.

Anna said...

Anna, payouts in small unmarked piles of cash perhaps?

Thank you Mike, all I did was type into a search engine 'US oil consumption' and found it.

If Kent's head explodes, that is his problem. The truth will set you free, no one ever said it would be painless.