Friday, April 21, 2006

Demonstrations in Egypt

There were recent demonstrations in Egypt by moderate Egyptians of several faiths against the brutal killing of Coptic Christians by murdering radical Islamics this past week. The Big Pharaoh has had a few posts on the matter and at the protest he attended snapped pictures of the above symbol. It has a rich history in Egypt since it dates back to early 20th Century desire by Egyptians to be free of foreign rule. I copied the image into Photoshop and cleaned it up, unfortunately could not properly clean up the Arabic script at the bottom; so instead of offending someone just erased it. Besides I think the symbol itself speaks clearly.


foreign devil said...

Nice job. If it were on a gif. now, I could copy and past it. [sigh] :)

Anna said...

You can't right click and Save As the picture? I can covnert it to Gif format, let me know.

Mike's America said...

These mounting Islamic attacks against the historic Christian communities in Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria and elsewhere should be a warning sign that this Jihad is no simple rebellion against the West, the United States and Israel.

It IS a declared war against any person who does not accept the fanatic version of Islam that these groups define.

It's difficult to get that message through to many in this country. I would be half way through the first paragraph when the moonbat interupts "BUT BUSH IS MAKING IT WORSE."

Of course neither Bush, nor any American has nothing to do with it.