Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Unwanted Luggage

As the Hague and the international body that was trying him wrestles with how Slobodan Milosevic died in his cell, the former Serbian President and strongman arrived back in Serbia.

The coffin, wrapped in plastic and packing tape, was removed from the jet after the rest of the passengers' baggage on a small yellow vehicle with a conveyor belt.

While his Socialist buddies rally around him and predict a huge turnout for the funeral, the minority government has barred him from being buried on the Avenue of Heroes, so Slobodan will be buried in his home town in the family backyard. Feelings run strong in Serbia, either you love Slobo or you detest him. Saturday's funeral should be informative on whether Serbia will hold together or fall into at least political factional fighting. If it escalates into actual violence, then I bet there will be many who will wish JAT had lost this particular piece of luggage.


Anonymous said...

Bet that there won't be any Muslims in attendance


RightWingRocker said...

I'd show up just so I could spit on the fucker.


The MaryHunter said...

That there wasn't a complete trial and verdict is sort-of a shame... but given the way it had been going who knows, he might even have been acquitted by the circus court.

Perhaps justice was done in the only way possible: a miserable death by a miserable tyrant in a miserable cell.

Anna said...

I can't remember where I read it...maybe THIRDWAVEDAVE, but the line was, in affect, Milosevic is to be buried in his hometown, that is if they can find a plot of land that doesn't already have bodies in it.

Anna said...

AndyJ: No Bosnians, no Croats, no Kosovoans, and probably most Serbs wont show up.

RWR, there just might be a few who will do it for you.

TMH, so far they have ruled out poison. But still leaves the theory he maliciously medicated himself just to get to Russia where his wife the Red Witch hides with their son. And he misjudged the dose.

Anna, if this was Srebenica then yeah they would need to move some bodies just to bury his.

But he has gone on to be tried at a Higher Court and has eternity to think about it.