Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Cabinet?

Seems AOL is running a non-scientific poll on who President Bush should dump from his Cabinet. I can't wait for Simon and Paula to judge the new would-be Cabinet members on prime-time. /sarc

My question is why should President Bush change up his cabinet? Because the Secretary of the Interior has decided to call it quits after five years? Or is the media afraid Vice President Cheney might mistake them for buzzards during a hunt? Serving a Cabinet post is a honor and a responsibility, it is not a popularity contest. Unless there are credible serious charges that can be leveled against a member of the President's Cabinet or there develops a difference of opinion that is intractable or there is a mutally agreed feeling it is time for the Cabinet member to move on, there is no reason to reshuffle a Presidential Cabinet. The news media tried to reshuffle President Franklin Roosevelt's Cabinet after Pearl Harbor by demaning he fire Cordell Hull, the President never did. And President Bush should just ignore this yapping from the yellow-dog media.


Anonymous said...

Maybe after all of these years of beating their heads against the wall trying to find some small thing against the Bush administration, the MSM figures that if there were new cabinet members, they might be hiding some skeleton that the MSM can exploit for more sensationalism. (damn is that one long run on sentence)


Anna said...

Or the new ones once confirmed [after that Senate circus] might be so cowed they do nothing for the rest of Bush's second term. Or even worse they withdraw their names. Lovely group of journo-wackos we got here.

Mike's America said...

Well this isn't really anything new. The lamestream media has been reporting Dem calls for the resignation of just about every member of Bush's cabinet, heck even Bush and Cheney.

I am so damn glad Bush never gave in to the pack mentality when they went after Rumsfeld. Can you imagine what kind of confirmation hearing his replacement would face?