Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Saudi missiles

While the German magazine Cicero frets over 1500Km Pakistani Ghauri missiles in Saudi Arabia are possibly nuclear, they are forgetting that the Saudis already have a 2,800Km range missile from the PRC. In fact they bought 36 such missiles[CSS-2s] and we only have Saudi and PRC 'promises' they have been modified to not carry a nuclear warhead.

The only good news about the CSS-2s is this: their known silos are located in two spots; one aimed at Iraq and the other aimed at Yemen. Bad news is, how sure are we that there are not other CSS-2s aimed at Israel? Why I ask this is simple, there is a version of the CSS-2 that is road transportable though China supposedly only sold the older silo version to Saudi Arabia.

Overall I am not thrilled thinking of the Saudis possessing nukes. Factor in Wahabbism and instability of the royal family and we have a recipe for disaster.

Lets hope Israel and others have plans for neutralizing all of these missiles in case Saudi Arabia goes squirrelly.

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