Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long border, long post

The border between the United States of America and the United States of Mexico stretches over 2000 miles from Baja California to the Gulf of Mexico at Brownsville Texas.

Border clashes are not new between the two countries. The Republic of Texas was created from such a clash before it became a state of the United States. Portions of New Mexico, Arizona, and California used to be part of Mexico but were wrested from the then corrupt imperial country of Mexico. Then during the Mexican Revolution in 1916, Pancho Villa, one of the rebel leaders, struck across the US-Mexico border and killed US citizens. This led to Gen. John Pershing invading northern Mexico in an attempt to capture the bandit Pancho Villa. Villa evaded Gen. Pershing to only die in the 1920s while Gen. Pershing found another war to fight in Europe called The Great War and later World War I.

From President Carter onwards, the United States has haphazardly been beefing up the southern border to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Not only Mexicans fleeing their failed nation state have come north, but refugees from violent civil wars in places like El Salvador and Guatemala have also traveled north enduring great hardship seeking a new life.

These piecemeal attempts have only stemmed some of the tide. More steel walls like the one facing Tijuana Mexico need to be deployed in urban areas. But it is not only above ground traffic we must be concerned about, but underground also since drug smugglers have dug lengthy tunnels under the border to bring their deadly wares north to poison more gringos. Places where fording the Rio Grande is easy must also be subjected to barriers to force the illegal tide of immigrants and narcotics to even more remote and forbidding regions. Then fortify more of the border, until there is no more unfortified border between the United States and Mexico. While all this is happening; ICE, local police, and, when called out by the Governors of the states facing Mexico, the National Guard must be deployed to support the barrier and to apprehend with minimum force those who do make it across the border.

As President Bush has stated we must secure our border using all means available. To put an even finer point on this matter, to fail to do so is to prove the United States incapable of defending its own borders. For too long there has been complacency in regards to the border. I remember in high school of being taught the United States had the longest undefended borders in the world with Mexico and Canada. At one time this was something to be proud of. But in the post September 11th world, these undefended borders are dangers. Mexico is reacting with anger accusing the US of being racist while encouraging their citizens to go north. If I think the US is a failed nation state for not adequately defending its borders, then Mexico is a failed nation state. The government at all levels is riddled with corruption and nepotism. A country rich in natural resources like oil and many people are still desperately poor. The open border with the United States is a massive boon to President Vincente Fox. For those seeking prosperity without the corruption they take the risks of coyotes smuggling them north to find it and because they leave they do not cause turmoil for Fox’s corrupt government. And these hard workers send billions of dollars south to their families, further propping up the moribund Mexican economy. Slamming this open door closed will prevent any new illegal immigrants from coming north which will do two things. Shut down the relief valve causing those who would have fled to instead turn their attention to trying to make Mexico a better country for their citizens. The second thing that would happen, it would stop the flow of money from growing any bigger, thus cutting out part of Mexico’s underground economy. Mexico will probably become unstable and not a place for tourists to visit but as the murder of that Canadian couple in Cancun proves, it is already unsafe in Mexico. There might be another revolution.

But what else is there for the United States to do. Either the US looks towards protecting itself from being drowned by illegal immigrants or it lets such a calamity happen. If the citizens of the US allow such a catastrophe to happen, then the United States will become just as bad as Mexico is now. And if that happens, then there would be no way for the US to help anyone else since we would be too busy with our own miseries.

To those who oppose securing our Southern border, they are asking the United States to commit suicide to assuage their precious egos and to humble this great country. If they are elected officials, they need to be voted out of office. Citizens of the United States, it is past time to stand up and be heard. If people refuse to go through the regular channels to immigrate to the United States, once apprehend they need to be shipped out like the President wants in 21 days since they are breaking the laws of the country they want to immigrate to.

As a final thought, ask those people who just raised their right hands and swore/affirmed becoming citizens of the United States what they think of illegal immigrants. It makes a mockery of these new citizens’ hard efforts to let these illegal immigrants in via open borders and driver licenses.


Anonymous said...

Anna, after watching the news and seeing the multitudes of illegals marching demanding their "rights", I think that we (Meaning the United States) are already doomed. We have done the same thing that ancient Rome did......we have become fat and lazy and allowed others to enter our country to do the work that we deem too menial for us great Americans. We prefer the games (NASCAR, football, basketball, American Idol, etc) to keep us entertained while the people from the South (of the border) come to our country in droves, eager to do the work and get the vaulted dollar.

What are we to do? Nothing, we have already been over-run and there is nothing we can do but sit back and relax while we slip into oblivion. Oh, I guess that we could start to learn our new national language........Spanish. Tacos or burritos anyone??

Or maybe the smart thing to do would be to invade Mexico and make them one of the Estados Unitos, or we could also wait until they all move up here and then we can all move to Mexico.

I know that I sound both bitter and facetious. Bitter because we have been sold down the river by our politicians and industry for their own profit and personnal gain. And facetious, because I realize that the dam has burst and this once great country is in the process of being washed away and buried in the trash heap of history and that there is nothing to be done to stem the tide. Too late for the finger in the dike.

Anna said...

Another blogger "Dr. Phat Tony" suggested building the wall at the southern border of Mexico and just annex the whole country. (Since half the country is already trying to get into the U.S. anyway). Interesting idea.

Michelle Malkin's has some information about what was being shown and carried at these protests that the MSM wasn't showing. Signs that said "Chicano Power" and "This was our land first." and they were burning the U.S. flag, while waving the flag of Mexico higher and higher.

Should I start yelling for the U.S. to give back the land they stole from my ancestors, the Cherokee? No, because my family is American!