Saturday, February 18, 2006

Very Strange Search Results

Have not heard any recent news about John Kerry so decided to search MSN for news on his mythical Form 180 signing. Still not found anything more current than 2005 and that was stuff rehashing the lost election while lamenting Kerry's torpedoing by those nasty Swifties.

But MSN did cough up a very strange correlation to John Kerry 180 as the search string. The arrest in El Paso of a man who trafficked on the Internet child pornography. Thank you Denmark for turning up the evidence that lead to 28 year old Edward Warren Wright's arrest.

And lets remember Google is fighting the DoJ over the release of search activity logs because the DoJ wants to figure out how much Google searching is for child pornography.


RightWingRocker said...


If the DoJ wants to bust a few child pornographers I'm all for it, but forcing a private company to fork over all its records stinks of government intervention in private business.


Anna said...

It does stink for the reason you stated but Google stinks for being a US based company that rolled over to the PRC while saying no to the US.

Anonymous said...

You don't have all the facts on Edward Warren Wright. He wasn't trafficing in child pornography, but the images were found on his computer because he's been using a file-share program for some time. I have personal knowledge of this case and a hacker was actually responsible for images being placed there, but Edward had poor representation and ended up paying the price. While I'm all for putting child pornographers away I'm also big on making sure the right person goes down for the crime. People need to be more aware of their personal security settings on their computers. Any one of you might end up in the same situation some day if you don't.