Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Ideology of Hate

From LittleGreenFootballs comes this lovely picture.

Sweet Jesu how these people hate and hate. I am speechless.


Mike's America said...

How crazy are these Islamo fanatics to say "God Bless Hitler."

If Allah does bless Hitler, then we really ARE in a war with Islam.

Anyone who thinks there is something redemable about a man and his ideology that led to the deaths of nearly 60 million people deserves to have their culture nuked and spare the rest of us the trouble of defending ourselves further.

We are in a war, and it is real. We may not become fully aware of that fact until millions die in some horror inspired by the evil souls behind such statements as the one on that sign.

Anonymous said...

"Sweet Jesu how these people hate and hate. I am speechless."

When that is all that you can do, then you do what you are good at


Mike's America said...

I'm assuming AndyJ is referring to the post of the Islamic woman carrying the sign "God Bless Hitler."

But you know, these days you can never be sure. There seem to be Hitler worshippers everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I guess that what I was trying to say, is when you have a group of people whose only claim to fame is hatred, rioting. bombing and killing, that is the only thing that they are able to project to the world. Where are their scientists, artists, inventors or even sportsmen? Where are their contributions to civilization?


Anna said...

They are the pimple on the nose of humanity. And they must be zapped before becoming ever more unsightly.

I think that is what you two are driving at. If all you peddle is hate, then expect to get it back at least three fold though with US the payback maybe in mega-tons.