Friday, February 17, 2006


Been hammered with real life so not been free to exercise ye olde blogging skillz.

As for the subject line of this post. Well I just tried to eat a Wendy's bacon classic, after two bites had to remove the beef patty since it was nice and red in the middle. So ended up eating a bacon and veggies on a bun. I am so not amused.

Just like I am not amused at the latest permutation of the Cartoon Jihad. A Pakistani cleric is offering $1 million for the head of the Danish cartoonist who drew the cartoons. Hey cleric ol' bud there was like twelve artists so do you have $12 million? If you do, why aren't you using this money to help the people displaced by the earthquakes? Methinks Allah would prefer you to help your fellow believers out first, even if you only have $1 million.

What is it with this severe hang-up over pictures of the prophet? Afraid it will become a form of idolatry? It seems by the very mania of not having a portrait, it has become idolatry since isn't Allah supposed to be the centre of the Islamic faith?

Meanwhile in the United States the networks continue to show abject cowardice by not showing any of these cartoons while mouthing the false words of being sensitive to Islam's outrage. How do I know these are false words? For they continue to show pictures of Abu Gharib which inflames many people around the world. And yes I am not amused by these craven fools either.

All of this is enough to ruin my lunch, if Wendy's hadn't already.


Myrtus said...

Yep imagine all the good they could do with that money...such as taking care of the poor which is an Islamic requirement btw. ugh I'm getting sick of hearing of them bastards.

Anna said...

Now imagine this cleric dies and ascends. Gabriel is there with huge book open. As Gabriel studies the book with frequent glances at the nervous cleric, there is nothing but silence and a beautiful paradise behind Gabriel.

Finally Gabriel breaks the silence and addresses the cleric. "I see you have done many good works but I am troubled at how you spent this $1 million in 2006."

Nervous cleric, "But oh mighty Angel who showed Mohhamed, Peace Be Unto Him, the scared writings. I had to spend that money that way in order to defend the Faith."

Now we gabriel unfurl all of his wings as fire lights his gaze. "Fool! There were needy of the Faith within feet of your mosque and you squandered Allah's bounty! There is no excuse, to Shaitan/Sheoul/Hades you go!"

Giant trapdoor opens beneath the cleric and before he can move he is falling and falling, all that is heard is his scream.

Lets stick that in Dante's Inferno. :)