Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Random babble

While Pakistan burns and journalists are imprisoned over some cartoons, while Iran rushes ahead with its nuclear program; the American news media salivates like a rabid Pavlovian dog because Vice President Cheney had a hunting accident. And these people were telling Rush Limbaugh and others it was none of their business while Bill got Monica under the desk in the Oval Office. My faith plummets in these slackers, I think Silent Bob would make a better journalist.

Congress has released its first report of what went wrong with Katrina and everyone got slopped by the various failures from President Bush on down to Mayor Ray 'Chocolate City' Nagin. Perhaps for once the American taxpayers got their money's worth out of these hearings because such august members like Sen. Harry Reid were boycotting it while Democrats who were affected like Rep. Gene Taylor [D-MS] were involved. Reminds me, the only time before Gulf War I, the UN actually authorized military force was because the USSR was boycotting the UNSC so it was the UN that fought the North Korean invaders. I think I see a pattern.

Today was Valentines Day, one of only four days in a year where you will see a grown man publicly clutch a cute stuffed teddy bear. Hope everyone had a grand time.

It was just a year ago that the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Hariri was assasinated. Approximately 500,000 turned out to mark the anniversary of the event that drove Syria from its 29 year occupation of Lebanon. May Lebanon remain free of future Syrian occupation.

And for complete silliness:

How to make an annapuna
5 parts success
3 parts courage
5 parts instinct
Layer ingredients in a shot glass.
Add a little curiosity if desired!


Anonymous said...

And I didn't even get a Valentine's Day card from you, I'm crushed.


Anna said...

AndyJ, uuuhhhmmmm...... did you get a card for your lovely wife at least? ^_^;

Anonymous said...

No, if I started giving her flowers and presents now, she would be suspicious that I was playing around on her.

Her birthday and our 35th anniversary are the end of this month, I think that I will go bigtime and take her to Burger King instead of Wendy's this year. No, really, she has her heart set on a very expensive resturant this year, better start saving up now.

Anna said...

Hahahahaha! You better splurge this year AndyJ Triente-cinqo anno muy grande! Or someone might be calling you dinky dao!

I know, how about Outback for the event. Unless she is set on seafood. Or perhaps Italiano and you know the perfect little ristorante. Good luck and may you two have many more. :)