Thursday, February 23, 2006

More red than usual

Arise ye Russian people! For the Rodina!

That used to get the old Sov fired up to celebrate May Day, Hero Project in the Ukraine Day, GUM has toilet paper Day, and even Defender of the Motherland Day.

This year it seems the advertisers exhibited all the cluelessness we in the West have come to expect from the CCCPress and MSM. There did appear in Moskva posters thanking all the brave Russian soldiers who have served their great country. On the poster we have in the bottom left corner the Russian flag while center top is a SU-27 and then on the right side we have this imposing warship under way.... hey wait a minute that ship looks familiar. Big white number 63 on the bow? Massive turrets. Uh oh comrade someone made a mistake, that is no Soviet or Russian ship, why it is USS Missouri! Who knew she was a Soviet ship, bet General MacArthur never guessed.

Quick someone call in the NKVD and make this vanish before Chief Putin finds out. If he does heads will roll PDQ! Oh wait, NBC and Moskva's Moskovsky Komsomolets have reported on it. The jig is up comrades. Now drink some vodka and try to forget this happened.

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