Friday, February 17, 2006

Moonbat Open Season approaches

I just got in an email from Ken Mehlman. March 9 thru 12 in Memphis, TN they will be hosting the 2006 Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Supposed to be a major dust-up with people from twenty-six states in attendance.

Which means there should be many of those happy protestors who like to stage sit-downs in traffic. Riot. Smash windows. And generally act like spoiled brats. I eagerly await the greeting the fine men&women of the Memphis Police Department will give them.

And I can already hear what these whiny losers will hear when they beat a hasty retreat north, "Don't come back, y'all."


Anna said...

Sounds like it'll be a rippin' good time! ;)

Anna said...

Heh. I hope nothing really comes of it. In fact I hope they get lost amidst all the tourist traps and are never heard from again. The protestors that is.

But they just might get some stereotypes reinforced if they venture away from the all the lights. Pick-up trucks with shotguns racked behind the driver's head spring to mind.