Friday, February 17, 2006

The Internet Shakedown

While researching the IP of a scammer I went cruising over to GoDaddy's and found a new rant by Bob Parsons.

I think the U.S. Government needs to reign in ICANN, they are really starting to act like the United Nations. Turning over to VeriSign in perpetuity the whole .com TLD with no supervision and the ability to jack up the cost registrars and consumers get stiffed with is an excellent way of making the Internet become unfeasible and ICANN extinct.

Where Bob Parsons is talking about VeriSign being able to jack up the price 7% a year can be found here. They can jack up the price for four of the six year contract without stating any reason. Who wrote this contract? The Oil For Food bunch? This is giving VeriSign the green light to steal. Here is the whole proposed VeriSign settlement.

As Bob suggests, time to write Senators and Representatives. This kind of foolishness must be stopped now. Before VeriSign really owns a monopoly. Time to bring out the Internet Trustbusters ASAP.

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