Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

Hopefully everyone remembers that cruise ship that was almost hijacked off the Somali coast? Never fear, the U.S. Navy is now on the scene policing the highways of the sea.

The guided missile destroyer Winston Churchill has just captured such a pirate vessel. After repeated shots across the bow, the suspect vessel finally heaved to, and was boarded by a Navy boarding party. The party found small arms aboard the boat.

To the crew of USS Winston Churchill, Brazo Zulu.

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Anonymous said...

And again, why is it that WE, and I mean by that the U.S. have to come to the rescue of the rest of the world. Why can't the "civilized countries" put together a fleet of ships like the Germans had in WWII. Anna, you are going to have to come to my rescue on the names of those ships, I just had a brain fart and can't remember what they were called. I figure that 5-10 of those "pirates" blown out of the water with 37mm cannons would kind of put the damper on their happy time. And being decoy ships, the pirates would never really know which were the eral ships and which were the "death ships"