Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh Canada!

Let the seething and gnashing of teeth commence for Prime Minister Paul Martin and his band of thieves.

In a campaign beset by Gomery, insider trading benefitting Liberal allies, and continued attempts by Paul Martin's Liberal party to scare the voters, the Tories under Stephen Harper is leading in polls across the country. Surprisingly the Conservatives are even polling ahead of the Liberals in Quebec.

The day of reckoning is January 23, 2006 when Canadians officially go to vote. Early voting has already started. While Harper is campainging on cleaning up corruption, cutting taxes, and repairing relations with the United States Paul Marin has been campaigning on how Stephen Harper is just like extreme right-wing Americans wanting to do away with abortion while destroying the health-care system and trashing the environment.

From Reuters I like this paragraph: He [Martin] beat Harper in June 2004 but was reduced to a minority government, and some poll analysts say his party may suffer its worst defeat since 1984, reducing him to a footnote. An ill-starred footnote at that, shackled by more chains of money than Marley ever was in Dickens' story.


Van Helsing said...

Hopefully the Tories' likely victory is a sign of changing attitudes about creeping socialism and about the USA, and not just a gag reflex brought on by the Liberals' corruption.

Anonymous said...

creeping socialism? didn't know people were worried about the socialism lurking around the corner...

in any case, the unfortunate situation in canada is that there are no checks and balances. whenever a government has majority power, they kind of go on a rampage to implement their desires...

on the flip side... hmm, well this is a complicated topic, not worth discussing here.

Anna said...

V H don't know about creeping but it has been looting for a few years up in Canada the socialists have been doing. I really love the $1billion special warrnt of expenditure that just happened followed by immates getting $250 checks.

Anonymous, please expand upon 'complicated topic, not worth discussing here.' If its complicated then please try to clarify it. If its unimportant they why bring it up?