Thursday, January 19, 2006

Senseless death

One would think, that by making it safely back home from deployment in Turkey supporting OEF and OIF would mean that one is safe from brutal senseless violence.

Unfortunately for a member of the Mississippi Air National Guard it was not. SSG Kenneth Thornton was brutally murdered while driving I-220 around Jackson, MS on January 17th just before redeploying to Germany. Authorities think it was a case of road rage, that Thornton accidentally cut someone off during a lane change. The killer apparently did not like the lane change and started to harass Thornton's car. This culminated in a gunshot travelling through the read window and lodging in Thornton's head, killing Thornton.

Police have few leads. In fact the only witness to the brutal killing is Thornton's girlfriend who was in the car with him. They are looking for a white van and a partial license tag of HED. Anyone with information needs to call their police.

Kenneth Thornton is survived by two children who will now have to grow up without a father. I do not think I need to describe in more detail the bitter irony of a man who was serving his country overseas that upon coming back home was murdered. Lets hope and pray his murderer is found quickly and brought to justice, no one else needs to be an orphan.

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