Thursday, January 19, 2006

On a lighter note

Turner Classic Movies will be showing three more Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki works tonight: My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and Whisper of the Heart. Sugoi!

For those who like the Roaring 20's then wait up for Porco Rosso. The lead character is a veteran of Italy's WWI flying corps who now operates his own Savio-Machetti seaplane fighter, his main cash income comes from busting up air pirates. We got fights, aerial duels, damsels in distress, daring do, and knight errantry in abundance. All set in the Mediterranean as Il Duce is gaining power in the background. Way cool movie.

Whisper of the Heart centers around, as I said before, a young girl who is struggling to decide what do with her life while in junior high school. One day she follows the large cat into this shop. Sitting on a table in the foyer is this exquisite figurine of a cat in tails, top hat, and cane. There she meets a young boy of her age group who is going to Italy to learn how to make violins. Since she has dreams of being a writer as a test she sets about writing a story centered on the cat figurine and his story. I am sorry they are running this movie last since it will not be released in the US on DVD until March 6, 2006 since this is a very good movie. The title is sometimes translated as If You Listen Closely. P.S. Please don't hate me when you hear John Denver's 'Country Road' rendered into Japanese sing along as 'Concrete Load.' ^_^

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