Friday, January 06, 2006

Galactica is still feldergarp

I am watching the third season premier episode. Pegasus' commander is acting like a petty tyrant, Commander Adama is being recalcitrant, and both ships' Viper compliments are playing chicken with each other in space.

And to truly prove the writers have no clue about cohesive writing is the meeting aboard Colonial One. After telling Pegasus' Admiral Cain to stand down so both Battlestars can attack the Cylon fleet, she tells Adama he has to face the fact he needs to kill Pegasus' commander. Adama just walks away muttering asking if the whole world has gone mad.

Think about it, the President of the Twelve Colonies telling a military officer he needs to kill his superior officer. Good gosh, even a daggit would not chew on that offal. She is the President, she could just releive the commander of Pegasus and tell Adama to pick someone. This would maintain chain of command. Which seems to be a strange concept to the series writers.

Oh boy, I really am starting to prefer Lloyd Bridges' Commander Cain over this Pegasus' Admiral Cain. Seems she stripped a few ships that survived the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies of all equipment including FTL engines and selected who among the civilians on those ships were valuable enough to save. She sounds very much like Kodos from Concience of the King of the original Star Trek series. And proves my feelings she is a petty tyrant.


Myrtus said...

I used to love watching Galactica when I was a kid, had a huge crush on Apolo. sighhh

Anna said...

I watched it also and it was cool for awhile. Well Richard Hatch [ the original Apollo] was in the new series as a troublemaker but not sure what happened to his character.